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Account Types

No matter how you are transacting business, SPS will structure a plan for your business that will make accepting payments EASY and AFFORDABLE.

SPS offers detailed plans for a variety of Account Types:
Credit Card

SPS services every market and type of business, including the following:
  • Retail and Restaurant
  • Wireless Accounts
  • Mail / Phone Order
  • Internet / E-Commerce
  • Legal Services
  • Wholesalers
  • Seasonal businesses
  • Private Schools
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Home based businesses and Start-ups
  • Nonprofits/Charities
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Associations- Online event registration processing
  • Lodging and Rental Operations
  • Check Conversion and Check Guarantee
  • Electronic Funds Transfers

  • Retail and Restaurant - (Card Present and Swiped)

    These rates are the least expensive in processing because it requires your business to swipe a customer's card through a terminal or point-of-sale system.

    Give us the opportunity to insure that your business is maximizing the debit, rewards, and other Interchange categories that are available in this scenario.

    Wireless Merchant Accounts

    • Trade Shows and Outdoor Markets
    • Car Service, Limousines, and Taxis
    • Pay-at-the-table restaurants and Drive-Thru
    • Delivery services
    • Kiosks
    • Stadiums
    • Golf courses
    • Casinos

    If your business is located where there is no phone line or you are "on the go", you can still process credit card transactions and get a secure approval. Using the extensive cellular networks or Wi-Fi hotspots, you can use a wireless terminal or a PC with a gateway to make sure that you do not lose business.

    Take advantage of the technology that is available to you.

    Mail Order and Telephone Order Sales

    If your business takes credit card information from its customers over the phone, fax, or email, there is no such thing as paying the same as "retail." MasterCard and Visa subject sales that are not conducted in person to higher interchange costs, and therefore merchants will pay higher rates for these types of transactions. These rates apply to ECOMMERCE as well.

    We'll give you the correct pricing structure that goes "hand in hand" with how you are processing the transactions.
    Internet Sales
    Internet / Ecommerce

    Internet and E-Commerce Accounts

    Website Shopping Carts / Payment Gateways / Virtual Terminals
    Cocard Gateway Virtual Terminal
    Direct API for your existing Website

    Does your business have a website? Do you want to process online orders? If you do not want to process in "real time," then a Gateway will suffice so that you can process payments at the comfort of the PC in your office. SPS offers implementation, assistance, and technical support when your business integrates with our gateway. We also can reduce the costs of processing with your existing gateway.

    We'll give you the best option for what you want your business to accomplish. And most importantly, it will be safe and secure.

    Associations / Non-Profit Organizations

    SPS wants to help their association and non-profit organizations to meet their goals. By reducing your fees, guiding you towards the least expensive method of processing, and providing a free-loaner terminal for your event, our company just might be considered as indirectly contributing to your organization.

    We'll increase your bottom line and your organization will run at the lowest operating costs possible.
    Non Profit
    Short Term Contracts

    Short Term Contracts

    SPS offers your company the ability to process credit cards for onetime events without the worry of committing to a long term agreement or pay a cancellation fee. Our contracts are available for terms as short as one day accommodated with our monthly seasonal account program. This program allows an account to be open only on the months that processing naturally occurs for your business.

    There are no set up fees and no cancellation fees, ever. We make it easy for you to accept credit cards when you want to and when you need to.

    We do the right thing to ensure the right relationship.